Welcome, I’m so glad you’re here! My name is Emily Waguespack and I am a licensed Louisiana REALTOR®.  I love my job and gain so much joy from helping people find their dream home! 

It's so important to LOVE your house and really make it a home.

I’m here to help with the fun stuff like home decor and the not so fun stuff like home maintenance! It is essential for your comfort and for future resale value to take care of your home. Purchasing a home is the biggest investment you will make and I want you to succeed!  

I am a 30-something wife to Ryan, mom to Kellen and have been a homeowner for 5 years.

I love my family and my friends and I don’t know where I would be without them!

Take a look around and find the answers to loving your home.

Cheers, Em 


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Top Five Things To Do BEFORE Looking For Your Home

Assisting homebuyers is my absolute favorite part of being a REALTOR®. I pride myself on assisting throughout the entire process, making it as enjoyable as possible for my clients. There are a few things you should do to make the home search and buying process easier for yourself! Here are my top three.

1. Get pre-approved for a home loan: One of the first things I ask my homebuyers is "are you pre-approved for a home loan?" Half say "yes", half say "ummm, wait what?" It is essential that you are pre-approved or pre-qualified for a home loan so you know your budget parameters BEFORE you seriously start looking. It takes a day or two to become pre-approved and in that amount of time the home of your dream can be scooped up by another buyer who already had their financial ducks in a row. There are so many loan options out there which is why I always recommend speaking with at least two lenders. There are banks, credit unions, mortgage lending companies, government loans, conventional loans, loans with low down payments, etc! You need to meet with the professionals to learn the best option for you.

2. Interview licensed real estate agents to find the best fit for YOU: You want to find a real estate agent who has your interests in mind and will commit to helping you find the best home out there. Have your questions ready and an idea of what you want and expect from your real estate agent. Perhaps a family member or friend had a wonderful experience with an agent and can refer you. A REALTOR®, as opposed to a real estate agent, is a member of the National Associations of REALTORS®and must follow the associations code of ethics in all real estate transactions.

3. Make a list of your needs versus your wants: You may think you need Carrara marble counters but maybe granite counters would be just fine. If you have a couple of children, it's safe to say you need more than one bedroom! Decide ahead of time what are your absolute needs or perhaps your must-haves. Compromise is a definite reality of home buying and knowing what you can compromise on ahead of time will help with major struggle down the road.

These items will get you ahead of the game and ready for house hunting! If you have more questions or are ready to start the process please contact me! Together we will find a perfect fit!



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