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Target Scores! Home Clearance Round Up

Target Tuesdays, right ya'll?! I know I talk about Target a lot but that's because I LOVE it! I know many of you are right there with me. This weekend I was searching for some lanterns to add on my end table - BOOM! Target clearance section to the rescue. I started browsing through all of the home items on clearance and found there were a lot of great items! I've rounded up my picks with links for you to easily find. Ready to go hunting?

I'm always on the lookout for good faux florals/vase fillers. They provide such an easy way to change up seasonal decor. I love this succulent filler - it adds a modern look and would work in many different vases and wreaths.

Speaking of wreaths - take a look at this beauty! This faux olive wreath will work all year round! I love the pops of yellow and the price (under $26) is fantastic!

I also came across some cute furniture pieces while searching. I have a similar headboard to this one (which comes in a few different colors). I love how it wraps on the side, giving it a cozy look. Then there is this precious ottoman! The colors are super fun and it would be such a cute, little statement piece. Looking for a slim seating piece? Check out this settee from Threshold. It would be a pretty make shift dining bench or would look totally at home at the end of bed (bonus: it doubles as storage).

My search soon took me to some cute kitchen towels, and honestly you can never have too many kitchen towels. I also came across this precious baby blanket! I love the colors and pattern and it would work well for either a boy or girl. For my office space, I found this adorable, little desk clock. I am loving the modern look and the gold pieces. Finally, we come back to my reason for searching in the first place - these perfect lanterns! There are a couple different sizes and they come in black or galvanized.

Drop a comment below if you have any of these items! I'd love to hear how you have used them in your home.



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