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It's Fall Y'all - Front Porch Edition

I woke up this morning to 65 degree weather - 65!!!!! If you are with me down South in NOLA you know what a big deal it is. The breezy morning was a perfect boost for my updated front porch decor - Fall style! We have a VERY tiny front porch, if you would even call it a porch! It doesn't take much to fill up the space but whether you are working with a big or small space I hope you find some inspo here!

The layered rug look is here to stay on my porch! I love the depth it adds and the top mat can be switched out with the seasons. I snagged THIS buffalo check mat on Amazon and it is hands down the best size and look.

Ah the wreath, or burlap/wooden hanger, floral swag...whatever you love, your front door needs a centerpiece! I found this wreath at Pier 1 last year and it is unfortunately discontinued. I did find a similar version HERE. I also love THIS wreath for its gorgeous color and of course, you can not go wrong with a classic boxwood like THIS one.

I wanted to keep my porch more Fall-ish and less Halloween this year so I can roll right into Thanksgiving. I grabbed a couple of pumpkins from my local grocery store and Trader Joes. The heirloom pumpkins are hot this year and I'm so glad because how can you not LOVE that bluish-green color?! My wicker, lighted pumpkin is from Pier 1 years ago and also discontinued :(

My favorite addition is this galvanized PLANTER (it comes in a sleek black option as well) and a Texas Sage plant from Lowe's. They are both going to be a staple on the front porch. I was originally looking for a shaped topiary but didn't want to spend $50. I chose the Texas Sage because I love the silvery-green leaves and the simplicity. It will also bloom small purple/pink flowers. This plant is low maintenance and loves full sun which our porch gets over half of the day - Bonus: it was under 15 bucks!

So what do y'all think of our little Fall porch? It definitely brings a smile to my face whenever I walk up! I would love to see your front porch ideas and what you guys might use from my roundup! Enjoy the weather my friends....it's due to be back in the 80s tomorrow!

Cheers, Em

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