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Easy Holiday Decor: How to Mix In Pieces

Updated: Nov 22, 2018

Sweet Christmas time! It always gets me in the kitchen more than normal with holiday baking and cooking for parties. Since I'm spending more time in the kitchen, I really like it to have some extra Christmas flair. I like to keep it simple and cozy - which translates to lots of mini lights! My absolute favorite lights have been these from Amazon. They give off a warm glow, have a timer, several different settings and come with a remote (which is helpful when you want to tuck those little battery packs out of sight).

I added the mini lights to this garland which is one of MANY options (and is currently 50% off)! I love how simple it is, yet it has a little sparkle to it. The garland is draped around my kitchen window using thumb tacks in each corner and one in the center. You could also use Command Strips if you want to avoid holes.

I scoured the internet for the best deal on boxwood wreaths and these from Target remained the best find (especially when a random home sale pops up). I bought two of the 10in wreaths and will keep them up all year. I just switch out the accent ribbon with the season (the goal is easy, y'all).

This basket shelf,* which is my favorite accent piece, is a small space I like to change up with the seasons. There are a few constant pieces like the chalkboard, dip bowls, mortar and pestle, and decanter that I then mix with seasonal pieces. For this Christmas I added mini lights (duh) and a cute ornament to the decanter (my ornament is from last year but I found another cute one here). I also added two different mini trees which I pick up from Dollar Tree or the Target Dollar Spot, a tall, modern reindeer for height (mine was gift from years ago, but this tree is so pretty) and some cute red berry and pine cone accents (also from Dollar Tree).

*Currently 50% off all home decor and there are always 40% off coupons!

I implement the same idea with our TV console which is actually an old family dresser. I kept the vases with greenery as normal and added in this small glitter potted tree (50% off) and a spiral glitter tree. I stuck a "HO HO HO" pick in one of the vases and added some mini lights - DONE! Are we still following the easy theme? YES people! Decorating is more enjoyable when you aren't trying to reinvent the wheel!

The sofa gets a holiday update too - a few throw pillows, this plaid blanket (I've added more cute ones at the end of this post) and a cute Santa all cozy it up!

Scroll through the photos below to see other easy holiday pieces and links to find them! Don't see what you're looking for? Message me! I'm always happy to help you find the perfect holiday accent. Comment below with your favorite holiday addition to my home or a favorite piece in YOUR home.

Cheers, Em


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